Why My Old Blog Content Had to Go

Google is going to hate this – and so are you, if you were looking for something, decided to click on a link to my blog, only to be met with an Error 404 – Page not Found.

I do apologize; this is not good (online, blog, SEO) practice.

Life has its phases, its turning points, however. And life changes over time, more subtly. And so do blogs…

How the Blog(s) Developed

Over the years that I have been writing “my blog,” I first found that I should not put all my interests into one blog. They are all me, but for you, a reader looking for writing around certain content, it does not make sense to have everything together.

Stories around the chile peppers, their diversity and culinary uses and cultural aspects? Certainly enough for a blog of its own, and better like that. (And I don’t usually get around to doing enough there…).

GPS, sports, outdoors watch use, not philosophy and learning experiences of a deeper kind? I complained to a PR rep that “my blog” would be all about “watches and outdoor tours” if I focused on that, leaving no room for anything else – and the blog Time and Tours came out of that.

And I’ve not been getting around to doing enough there, either.

This, “my,” blog started out when I went for an Erasmus study abroad year and wanted to share the experiences, then continued with my time working in China, and it went on from there.

Over the years, it developed into a place to share outdoors and running experiences, but not only those.

There was something more underneath it all, not just a strange diversity of topics.

Understanding Blog Purpose

Eventually, it came to me:

In all I did and wrote about, I was continuing a journey that began in my teen years, with environmental / sustainability matters.

A journey home, into this world.

Sounds strange, perhaps, but learning about ecology and the Earth system made it clear to me that we are, all too often, living on Earth but not quite in this world, understanding that we are a part of it.

In seeking to understand us, the world, and the relationships, however, we could discover a lot of fascination, come to understand a lot – and that is what pretty much all I do and create content around is about.

This blog has, in outdoors tours and travel, in reviewing gear and menswear, and more, been about this topic. Very often, very implicitly.

The Birth of a New Blog

The time has come to turn an eye towards “teaching” about this topic explicitly. Thus, the decision to throw all care about Google rankings for old posts – and even your current experience if you found this blog searching for a now-deleted post on something that used to be on it – to the wind.

Old content will return as it makes sense, reworked and re-focused, but I’m also off to professionalize and focus.

I’ve also just become a father, rather unusually late, in a life that has been having a lot of such unusuals, and that gives the topic of microexploration all new meaning – and it means that approaching things more professionally has become very necessary!

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